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This tab defines common symbol naming rules for both C# and VB.NET. These settings affect names that ReSharper suggests when it completes or generates code, expands live templates or surround templates .

See Naming Style for details on how ReSharper uses naming rules.

You can override the common naming rules with language-specific rules for C# or VB.NET .

Item Description

Naming Style

This section contains naming rules for predefined entity groups.


Click this button, or double-click a list entry, to edit a selected naming rule using the Edit Rule Settings dialog box. For details on editing naming rules, see To configure a naming style for predefined entities .

Advanced settings

Click this button to create or manage custom naming rules using the Advanced Naming Settings dialog box. See To create a user-defined naming rule for details.

Reset to default

Click this button to restore default naming rules for predefined entities. This includes deleting any additional rules created for predefined entities.

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