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The Code Cleanup tab allows you to manage and configure custom Code Cleanup profiles , and assign a default profile for silent cleanup.

Note that ReSharper also provides two default cleanup profiles that you can't modify: Full Cleanup and Reformat Code. For details, see Code Cleanup: Default Profiles .

For details on specific profile settings, see Code Cleanup: Creating Custom Profiles .

Item Description


Adds a new empty profile, prompting you to specify a name for it.


Deletes a profile without prompting for confirmation.


Renames a profile.

Profile to use with silent cleanup

Allows to choose a profile for performing code cleanup silently (without displaying the Code Cleanup dialog box. ReSharper doesn't make a default selection in this drop-down list, which means that until you select a profile by yourself, ReSharper will open the dialog box whenever you launch silent code cleanup.

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