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ReSharper | Templates Explorer | Surround Templates

This tab is used to manage surround templates. It contains the list of available templates for different languages, a preview area where samples of selected templates are displayed, a quick access list, and a toolbar with a set of buttons to create and edit templates:

The Template Editor code pane that you can launch from the toolbar is described on a separate page .

This page only describes user controls of this tab. See Index of Predefined Templates for a detailed list of predefined surround templates.


Control Name Description


Specifies the layer that contains all changes to be made to templates.

New Template

Creates a new template.

New Category

Puts a selected template into a new category (a single template can be assigned to multiple categories).


Deletes a selected template or category.


Opens the Template Editor code pane for editing a selected template.


Imports templates from an XML file.


Exports templates to an XML file.

Mount file storage

Mounts a file that contains live templates for common use among a group of developers.

Group by

Groups templates by one of four alternative sets of criteria. See Organizing Templates for details.

Quick Access List

This section contains templates that you can access directly through ReSharper | Edit | Surround With Template (ReSharper | Edit | Create New File for file templates). Any surround templates that are not included in the default drop-down list can be accessed by clicking More in the list. To add a template to the quick access list, select it from Available templates and drag it between the two sections.

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