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ReSharper | Windows | Solution Errors Window

The Errors in Solution window displays the list of solution-wide errors that were discovered during solution-wide analysis .

It provides a toolbar with the following controls.

Button Name Description

Analyze Errors in Solution

Toggles solution-wide analysis on/off.

Pause Analysis

Puts the analysis process on hold until you click Continue Analysis

Continue Analysis

Resumes analysis after it was put on hold by pressing Pause Analysis

Ignore Errors

Excludes selected errors (or all errors in a selected file) from the list of found errors (or strikes them through if Show Ignored Errors is switched on).

Stop Ignoring Errors

Shows or previously ignored errors (or removes strikethrough if Show Ignored Errors is switched on).

Show Ignored Errors

Makes ignored errors visible but strikes them through.

Reanalyze Files with Errors

Launches the process of reanalyzing files where errors were previously found.

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