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ReSharper provides you with many ways to view details of problems in your code. The easiest and the most straightforward way is to hover the mouse over highlighted code or the Marker Bar.

To obtain details on a code issue
  • Position the caret at a highlighted symbol or expression, and the corresponding message will appear in the status bar:
  • Place a mouse pointer over any highlighted expression to get a tooltip with the corresponding message:
  • Put the mouse pointer in the Marker Bar at a colored marker that corresponds to a highlighted expression, and a tooltip will appear:


    This technique doesn't apply to hints.


ReSharper uses quick-fixes to eliminate errors, warnings and suggestions. For details, see Quick-fixes.


Marker Bar makes it easy to navigate between errors, warnings and suggestions in your code (as well as between to-do items and notes). For details, see Marker Bar and Status Indicator.

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