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Marker Bar and Status Indicator enable you to quickly check the state of the current file, navigate to code issues and other results of Code Inspections.

Marker Bar is a colored sidebar that ReSharper adds to the right of Visual Studio editor window. It represents all code issues found by ReSharper's code analysis, structural search and replace patterns., as well as to-do items as individual markers, Markers have different colors depending on severity of the corresponding inspections. Colors may vary between various color schemes but errors are always shown in red. The position of a marker on the bar indicates the relative position of the corresponding code inspection item in the file. You can get pop-up tips about errors and warnings in your code by placing the mouse pointer over markers, and you can navigate directly to relevant lines of code by clicking on them.


It is normal to see many markers in the Marker Bar while your are working on a file. Many of these errors, warnings, and suggestions are eventually resolved as you complete the code. Should any errors remain when you feel your code is complete it may be time-saving to explore and resolve the errors found before you try to compile your project.

Status Indicator, a small colored icon at the top of the Marker Bar, shows the overall status of the current file. It changes color if the file contains errors or warnings. When you hover over it, the indicator shows the total number of errors and warnings in the current file.

Essentially, Status Indicator works like traffic lights:

Whenever you see a red mark, it means that your file contains errors that would prevent it from compiling.
A yellow mark means that there are some warnings, but no errors that would prevent the file from compiling.
A green mark means that your code doesn't contain errors or warnings and it will compile.
The code analysis is turned off for the current file. See Code Analysis section to learn how to switch code analysis on and off.


Marker bar and status indicator can display results of custom code inspections defined in the structural search and replace patterns. For more information, see Structural Search and Replace.

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