ReSharper Web Help


All features provided in ReSharper 7 Full Edition and ReSharper 7 C# Edition provide full support for C# up to version 5.0.

For key features provided by ReSharper, see Overview.


ReSharper supports VB.NET up to VB10 through various features, including:


ReSharper supports the ASP.NET up to version 4.0 and ASP.NET MVC up to version 2.0.

In Visual Studio.NET, ReSharper supports both the Web Site Project (default) and the Web Application Project models.

For an overview of ReSharper functionality available for ASP.NET and ASP.NET developers, see Web Development Assistance.


The latest supported Silverlight framework version is Silverlight 3.

ReSharper recognizes symbols declared in XAML files and resolves references. The following features are available for XAML:

Build scripts

ReSharper recognizes scripts that belong to the following platforms:

The following functionality is available for build scripts:


The following XML features are implemented:


The following HTML features are implemented:


The following features are supported in CSS: