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This Navigate to command apply to symbols declared in compiled code (referenced libraries); it tries to fetch the original source file and display the target symbol there.


This command is available only if the Navigation to Object Browser or Navigation to Sources options are selected in the External Sources page of the ReSharper options. Also, you can choose to exclude or include XML comments or otherwise customize decompiled source view on this page. For more information, see Navigating to Compiled Code.

For this command to work, PDB information should be available for the target assembly. ReSharper uses two approaches to search for the PDB:

  • It searches for PDB locally, in the same directory where the target assembly is located.
  • If it fails to find the PDB there, it looks it up on a symbol server using the _NT_SYMBOL_PATH environment variable. Additionally, ReSharper uses Visual Studio options to find symbol servers. See below, how to specify symbol servers in Visual Studio options.
    Some companies publish parts of their sources using symbol servers (source servers). For example, Microsoft uses this technology to provide access to the source code of the .NET Framework. If the symbol server for your PDB is available, this Navigate To command can access sources stored that way.


If the PDB is unavailable, use the Navigate to Metadata View command to analyze only signatures of symbols reconstructed from metadata; or the Navigate to Decompiled Sources command to analyze a decompiled body of the symbol.

To make ReSharper aware of available symbol servers, you need to specify them in Visual Studio options or in the _NT_SYMBOL_PATH environment variable. ReSharper will look for symbol files and download them from the specified locations.

To specify the path to a symbol server in Visual Studio options
  1. Select Tools | Options on the main menu.
  2. In the Options dialog box, expand the Debugging node and select Symbols.
  3. On the Symbols page that opens, click the folder icon, and then type the path to the source server in the new symbol file location (e.g. http://domain/path/symbols). For more information, see How to: Use a Symbol Server.


    It is not important whether the check-boxes next to symbol servers are checked or not. ReSharper uses its own algorithm to work with symbol servers and analyzes only paths to these servers in Visual Studio options.

The Sources from Symbol Files command is available from the code editor, Object Browser and Class View:

It may take some time while ReSharper downloads the required files from the symbol server; in this case, you will see the download progress:

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