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This Navigate to command navigates to the signatures of types and methods reconstructed from metadata of library symbols. Metadata View is shown in the code editor as a partly reconstructed source file, in the read-only mode.

By default, XML documentation comments are included in the Metadata View. All relevant ReSharper's navigation and search commands are available in this view.


This command is available only if the Navigation to Object Browser or Navigation to Sources options are selected in the External Sources page of the ReSharper options. Also, you can choose to exclude or include XML comments or otherwise customize decompiled source view on this page. For more information, see Navigating to Compiled Code.

You can call this command for library symbols from the text editor, Object Browser and Class View.


If you need to analyze decompiled bodies of the symbols, use the Navigate to Decompiled Sources command; if you need to analyze the symbols in their original source files, use the Navigate to Sources from Symbol Files.

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