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This page of ReSharper options allows you to specify a default file header that ReSharper will insert as a comment into a specific file or all files in solution when you apply Code Cleanup with a profile that allows inserting and updating file headers or when you create a new file from template.


You do not have to include comment delimiters in the file header text. ReSharper will insert the delimiters automatically when the header text is applied.

Item Description
File header text This field contains plain text with optional variables that will be added in the beginning of files and wrapped in comment delimiters.
Variables The variables displayed to the right of file header text have rather self-explanatory names and you can use it in the header text to keep it up to date without manual changes. Click on a variable to insert it in the header at the current cursor position.
Embrace File Header into Region with Name Name for a region that the file header will be wrapped up with. If this field is left empty, file header is not surrounded by region.


ReSharper's settings are saved in settings layers that enable you to have different settings for different solutions as well as to share your settings with your team. To learn more, study the Managing and Sharing Options section.

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