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This window displays the hierarchy of types, members, and the list of all subtypes and supertypes of a particular type. Also it can display hierarchy of CSS styles. You can inspect and analyze the hierarchy, navigate between the types and navigate to the declaration of any type. The window can display several hierarchies simultaneously in different tabs. For more information, see Viewing Type Hierarchy.

Toolbar controls

Control Name Description
Refresh Updates window content to reflect any changes made in the code.
Base on This A selected type becomes the root of the hierarchy tree and the tree is rebuilt accordingly. The new base type is highlighted with bold.
Expand All/Collapse All Expands/collapses all nodes in the current tab.
Previous/Next Navigate to the previous/next item and scrolls through the source code accordingly.
Show Members Hides or shows the preview pane in the position specified using the drop-down list (in the bottom or in the right part of the window).
Export Click this button to export the data currently displayed in the window in text format, or use the drop-down selector to export the data in XML or HTML format. The Export Data dialog box that appears, will help you to save the data to a file or copy it to the clipboard.
Class Hierarchy This tree shows all subtypes and supertypes of the center type. The center type can be located anywhere in the tree, not necessarily at the root. You can select a different center type using the Base on This button , and the tree will be rebuilt accordingly.
Subtypes Hierarchy This tree shows all supertypes of the center type in ascending order (each child node is the supertype of its parent). The center type is positioned at the root of the tree.
Supertypes Hierarchy This tree shows all subtypes of the center type. The center type is positioned at the root of the tree.
Implementation Hierarchy This tree shows all descendants of the center type.
Interface Leaves This tree shows leaves of the selected interface.
Show Elements From This Solution Hides symbols from external libraries.
Group by Allows grouping items in the window. Possible options help display items as a tree grouped by the selected categories.
Close Closes the current tab.
All Instance Members (preview pane) Displays all instance members in the preview pane.
Only Polymorphic Members (preview pane) Restricts the preview pane to displaying only polymorphic members of the selected hierarchy node.

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