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When you invoke a command to apply a surround template or a file template, a drop-down list of available templates is shown to you. We call it 'quick access list' or just 'quicklist'. You can edit this list to add your favorite templates there and/or rearrange their order.

To edit the quick access list
  1. On the main menu, choose ReSharper | Templates Explorer or press Alt+R+P.
  2. In the Templates Explorer window that appears, click on Surround Templates or File Templates tab, depending on what quick access list you want to edit.
  3. Choose a scope to see the list of templates for this scope. See Template Scopes for more information.
    The templates included into the quick access list are shown in the In quicklist category; other templates available for the selected scope are shown in the Not in quicklist category.
  4. Optionally, use template categories to narrow down the list of available templates that are not in the quick access list. See Organizing Templates for more information.
  5. Use drag-and-drop to add templates to or remove them from the quick access list and/or rearrange their order.


You can also add templates to the quick access list using the Choose Template dialog box. This dialog box appears when you apply a surround template or a file template that is not in the quick access list.

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