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ReSharper provides three types of code templates:

  • Live templates represent code fragments that can be quickly inserted into your code. The code of the template can be a short expression, a complete construct, or even an entire class or method. Each template is identified by a Shortcut - a short string of characters such as itar (abbreviation of "Iterate an array"), thr (for "throw new"), and so on. See Creating Source Code Using Live Templates for details.
  • Surround templates let you quickly enclose an expression, a single statement or an arbitrary block of code with a predefined code construction, such as for loop, or while statement. See Surrounding Code Fragments with Templates for details.
  • File templates are used to create new files with predefined code, such as a class or interface declaration, unit test, etc. See Creating Files from Templates for details.

Also, you can distinguish between:

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