ReSharper 8.0 Web Help

ReSharper | Architecture | View Project Dependencies

A dependency snapshot is a record of all projects in your solution and all dependencies between them taken at a specific moment in time. With ReSharper, you can take, save and load such snapshots, and compare them to the current state of the solution. The visual representation of the dependency snapshots is provided in the Architecture View.


For large solutions, building the dependency graph and calculating code metrics can take some time. However, the analysis happens asynchronously and without building the solution. So you can continue working with code while the graph is being build.

To get project dependencies snapshot
  1. In the Solution Explorer, select one or several projects, one or several solution folders, or the solution node.
  2. On the main menu, choose ReSharper | Architecture | View Project Dependencies or right-click the selection and choose View Project Dependencies.
  3. The Architecture View opens in a new document tab showing dependencies for the items that you selected initially.
  4. The initially selected items are also checked in the left part of the Architecture View, which lists all solution items. You can check other items: they will appear in the graph and the corresponding links will be added.
  5. If necessary, you can change grouping of items using the Group by selector in the toolbar:
    • None - all projects are displayed without grouping.
    • Solution Folders - projects are grouped by solution folders.
    • File Structure - projects and solution folders are grouped by the file system structure.