ReSharper 8.0 Web Help

When you see a highlighted code issue in the editor, you can not only fix it with a quick-fix, but also find and investigate all similar issues in the whole solution or smaller scope. ReSharper provides a special action in the action list that allows you to do that in a couple of clicks.

To find similar issues
  1. Set the caret at a highlighted issue in the editor.
  2. Press Alt+Enter or click on the action indicator, which appears to the left of the code issue, to open the action list.
  3. Choose Options for inspection | Find all issues of this type in scope

    Using action list to find similar issues

  4. In the Find Similar Issues dialog box that appears, specify the inspection scope, then click OK.

    Specifying search scope for the similar issues

  5. All found issues will be displayed in the Inspection Results window.