ReSharper 8.0 Web Help

Besides highlighting all detected code issues in the editor, ReSharper's design-time code inspection allows you to view short descriptions of the problems. There are several ways to do so:

  • Set the mouse pointer over any highlighted code issue to get a tooltip with the corresponding message:


  • Set the mouse pointer in the marker bar over a colored marker that corresponds to a specific issue, and check the details of the issue in the tooltip:



    Issues with the hint severity do not appear in the marker bar.

  • Set the caret at a highlighted issue and the issue message will appear in the status bar:



The easiest way to deal with code issues highlighted in the editor, is to set the caret on the highlighted code item and press Alt+Enter or click on the action indicator that appears to the left of the code issue. The action list will pop up where ReSharper suggests one or more quick-fixes for most issues.

As an alternative to opening files and exploring code issues there, you can inspect issues in a specific scope - project, project folder, or the whole solution.


If you are not interested in code issues detected with a specific inspection, press Alt+EnterAlt+Enter while you at the issue and select Options for inspection. Then you can choose to disable the corresponding code inspection with a comment or change its severity level to Do not show.