ReSharper 8.0 Web Help

ReSharper helps you increase your productivity. Using shortcuts to invoke features enables you to write code faster.

When you start Visual Studio for the first time after installing ReSharper, the Keyboard Scheme dialog box opens. Using this dialog box you can set the default shortcut scheme to be used.


You can switch between schemes any time you want.

To switch between keyboard shortcut schemes
  1. On the main menu, choose ReSharper | Options. The Options dialog box opens.
  2. On the left pane of the dialog box, click Environment, then click Keyboard & Menus.
  3. On the Keyboard & Menus pane, click one of the following:
    • Visual Studio
    • ReSharper 2.x or IntelliJ IDEA
    • None
    Then click Apply Scheme.
  4. Click Save or Save To to apply changes.


    ReSharper maintains several settings layers, so pay attention what layer you modify. For more information, see Managing and Sharing Options.

If you select None, you can define your own set of keyboard shortcuts.

To configure an individual keyboard shortcut
  1. On the main menu, choose Tools | Options.
  2. Expand the Environment node, then click Keyboard.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Type the name or a part of the name of the command you are looking for in the Show commands containing text box. The list of available commands narrows down and you can easily find the desired one.
    • Look through the list of available commands, scroll down to command names that start with ReSharper.


      Once the list of commands in the Keyboard tab receives focus, press Ctrl+R to jump to items with initial R.

    Select the desired one.
  4. The corresponding shortcut key combination is displayed in the Shortcuts for selected commands drop-down list, if any combination exists.
  5. You can remove the existing key combination(s) and/or add the new one(s).
    • Choose the combination in the Shortcuts for selected commands drop-down list, then click Remove.
    • The same shortcut key combinations can be used in different areas, so you should specify the area. Specify the area using the Use new shortcut in drop-down list. Then place the caret in the Press shortcut keys text box and press the desired key combination. Click Assign.
  6. Click OK.


See Keyboard Shortcuts for the full list of default shortcuts in both keyboard schemes.