ReSharper 8.0 Web Help

ReSharper brings smart code analysis, editing, highlighting and refactoring features to .NET developers. ReSharper extends much of its support to C#, VB.NET, build scripts, ASP.NET, XML, and XAML files. All features are available in mixed solutions where different projects use .NET Framework, .NET Compact Framework, Silverlight, as well as other frameworks and tools from the Visual Studio ecosystem. Also, ReSharper's functionality can be significantly extended by means of its open API. Usage samples are included into ReSharper installation package.

Configuring ReSharper

This section contains common ideas as well as some practical advice on how to:

Code Analysis

All information related to code analysis is gathered here. You'll find out:

Coding Assistance

Features described here help minimize the distraction and speed up the process of writing source code. You'll learn how to:

Code Generation

Read all about code generation provided by ReSharper to increase your productivity and automate the obvious and simple actions. You can generate with minimum effort:

Code Cleanup

If your team uses code style standards or if you want to keep your code consistent, learn how to do it more effectively with default and custom profiles.

Navigation and Search

The bigger your solution, the more important navigation and search features become. Read the topics in this section if you want to know exactly:


If you've decided to improve the code structure in your whole solution, refactorings are a must. As you can pursue different goals, you may need different tools. ReSharper provides more than 40 automated code refactorings covering virtually all possible use cases. Apply refactorings, to:

Code Templates

Another way to write code faster is to use predefined code templates or to create your own ones. In this section you'll learn:

Localization Assistance

If you work with resources, you know how annoying and time-consuming it could be. ReSharper provides localization assistance, so that you are not left without help.

Unit Testing

Unit tests are essential for any solution. With ReSharper, you can:

ReSharper by Language

To keep up with the times, ReSharper expands the set of supported languages and technologies. Almost all features provided for C# are supported for other languages as well. For more detailed information, see ReSharper by Language.


This section contains comprehensive information about all UI elements so that you can quickly discover what a control is for, what functionality it affects, and get links to the relevant detailed. Also, here you can find tables and lists that can be used as cheat sheets: keyboard shortcut schemes and full list of symbol icons.