ReSharper 8.0 Web Help

Using the Go to Symbol feature you can search only for symbol avoiding additional distractions and navigate directly to the symbol declaration. This feature is context-independent, so you can invoke it within a file, in Solution Explorer or Object Browser, etc.

To navigate to a symbol
  1. On the main menu, choose ReSharper | Navigate | Go to Symbol, or press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+NShift+Alt+T.
  2. The pop-up list appears. Start typing in the Enter symbol name text box. As you type, the list narrows down, suggesting names that match the entered substring.
  3. Select the Include library types check box or press Alt+N to display symbols from libraries, referenced in the solution. By default, only symbols from the solution are displayed list.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • To view the list of found symbols in the Find Results window, click Show in Find Results go_to__show_in_find_results or press + on the numeric keypad.
    • To navigate directly to a symbol, select the symbol in the list and press Enter.

If a symbol belongs to the current solution, ReSharper opens the corresponding file in the editor and places the caret at the symbol declaration. If a symbol is found in referenced libraries, ReSharper navigates according to the settings defined on the External Sources page of the Options dialog box. For more information, see External Sources.

You can narrow down the list of items using CamelHumps. It is case-insensitive, so there is no difference between 'actta' and 'ACTTA'.

If you want to navigate to a symbol in a particular type, you can specify parts of the type's fully qualified name and member name and split them with spaces or dots. Consider the example below:


You can also use wildcards when specifying the name: '*' (asterisk) represents zero or more characters; '+' (plus) represents one or more characters.


Whenever collecting items to match the specified string takes significant time, ReSharper displays an hourglass icon watch to the right of your search string. Substantial delays are to be expected when performing search before ReSharper loads completely.

This feature is supported in the following languages/technologies:

C# VB.NET HTML ASPX Razor JavaScript TypeScript CSS XML XAML RESX Build Scripts
feature_available feature_available feature_available feature_available feature_available feature_available feature_available


The instructions and examples given here address the use of the feature in C#. For details specific to other languages, see the corresponding topics in the ReSharper by Language section.