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Navigation within css file

File Structure and Go to File Member are both available in CSS files, so you can navigate to an element from the editor or File Structure window:
These navigation features fully support lowerCamelCase search, enabling you to instantly land at selectors with tricky names, like this:

Navigation between css and markup files

There are several methods you can use to navigate from a CSS file to a markup file and vice versa. For instance, you can invoke Navigate to usage on a CSS selector or class and navigate to a usage inside markup file:
As an alternative, you can choose Matched Tags from the Navigate To context menu in order to navigate to tags that match chosen CSS element.
In order to navigate from a markup file to a CSS file, you can use the Go To Declaration feature:


You can easily find where a certain CSS property or selector is used both within the current file and in a larger scope. For example, when you have multiple CSS files in your solution, applying Find Usages over a selector in one of these files finds all occurrences of the selector in all remaining files:


ReSharper also can highlight usages:


Viewing hierarchy

ReSharper comes with a handy view that allows you to see the whole hierarchy of css selectors. For each selector in the hierarchy you can quickly view its definition.


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