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In this page of ReSharper options you can adjust Code Analysis settings.

Item Description
Enable code analysis Select this check box to enable Code Analysis.
Color identifiers

This check box lets you enable or disable ReSharper syntax highlighting scheme.

If it is selected, language identifiers are highlighted with colors as defined in Visual Studio options: Tools | Options | Environment | Fonts and Colors.

The list of syntax identifiers provided by ReSharper is available in the Display items list, each name starting with ReSharper prefix.

Highlight color usages Enables highlighting of color definitions in code. For more information, see Color Assistance.
Analyze errors in whole solution

Enables Solution-Wide Analysis (including solution-wide code inspections), which is disabled by default.

Note that in large solutions, solution-wide analysis may result in some performance degradation. However, there are several ways to improve the performance of solution-wide analysis. For more information, see Configuring Solution-Wide Analysis.

Show code inspection options in action list Selecting this check box allows displaying the Options for inspection submenu in the action list.
Show the "Import namespace" action using popup If this check box is selected, a pop-up that suggests inserting import directives shows up every time one of those is missing. If it is not selected, the corresponding action appears in the action list. See Importing Namespaces for details.
Assume entity value can be null During Value Analysis ReSharper finds out what entities can hold null value and highlights possible problems depending on this setting.
  • When entity is explicitly marked with CanBeNull attribute, or checked for null - ReSharper assumes that entities explicitly marked with CanBeNull attribute or explicitly checked for being null, can be null.
  • When entity doesn't have explicit NotNull attribute - ReSharper assumes that all entities without an explicit NotNull attribute can be null.
Edit items to skip This button opens the Skip Files and Folders dialog box, allowing you to configure the list of files, file masks, and folders to skip when performing code analysis:


ReSharper's settings are saved in settings layers that enable you to have different settings for different solutions as well as to share your settings with your team. To learn more, study the Managing and Sharing Options section.