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ReSharper | Options | Environment | IntelliSense | Autopopup

In this page of ReSharper options, you can define how the ReSharper's Intellisence popup works in various contexts of different languages. For more information, see Code Completion and Parameter Information features.

Item Description
Enable Automatic IntelliSense Popup By selecting this check-box you enable automatic appearance of ReSharper's IntelliSense popup for all supported languages.

Using the appropriate tabs, you can tune autopoup behaviour for each language and context separately.

For each language and context combination, you can specify one of three kinds of autopopup behaviour:

  • Do not display
  • Display and preselect
    When the autopopup appears, ReSharper tries to guess what are you about to type and selects it for you in the list. If the proposed item is correct, just hit Enter or any non-alphanumeric character to go on with the inserted item. (See ReSharper Options | Environment | IntelliSense | Completion Characters to learn how to configure the insertion of the selected completion item)
  • Display but do not preselect
    This option just allows the popup to show the list of available items without selection so that you could choose one manually. When you hit Enter or any non-alphanumeric character the popup disappears and you can continue with what you've typed. However, the expected item in the popup is still highlighted with a blue frame, and if you see that the guess is correct, you can hit Ctrl+Enter to insert it.


ReSharper's settings are saved in settings layers that enable you to have different settings for different solutions as well as to share your settings with your team. To learn more, study the Managing and Sharing Options section.