ReSharper 8.0 Web Help

Several ASP.NET specific quick-fixes are listed below:

Change Signature

The signature of the btnSave_Click method doesn't match the signature of the OnClick event. ReSharper offers a quick-fix to change the signature of the method:

Create Method

ReSharper informs you that the btnSave_Click method doesn't exist yet and offers to create a new one.

The method declaration is inserted into the code-behind file or into the current file depending on web page code model (single-file page model or code-behind page model).

Remove Unused Directives in File

ReSharper detects unused import namespace directives. As they are unnecessary ReShaper suggests a quick-fix that removes all unused directives from the current file.

Add Inherits Attribute

This quick-fix is specific for ASP.NET directives. The CodeFile attribute is used together with the Inherits attribute to associate a code-behind source file with a user control or a page. When the latter is missing, ReSharper suggests a quick fix:

Create ContentPlaceholder

If there is a Content control on a content page that is mapped to a missing ContentPlaceholder on the master page, ReSharper suggests creating the corresponding ContentPlaceholder control on the corresponding master page.

The ContentPlaceholder control with the corresponding ID attribute is added to the master page:

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