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ReSharper | Options | Code Editing | Context Actions

By selecting or clearing check boxes in this page, you can compile the list of available Context Actions. When you select a specific context action, you can read its description in the bottom of the page.

ReSharper provides the following context actions for common use:

Apply in-place refactoring Applies in-place refactoring. For more information, see Inplace Refactorings.
Format code Format code. When this action is enabled, ReSharper allows you to apply formatting rules in the current selection.
Import types for pasted code Imports types and extension methods for pasted code fragment
Namespace import fix for pasted code block
This action only appears if all non-imported types in the pasted code block can be unambiguously found in the referenced modules of the current project. For more information, see Importing Missing Namespaces.
Run configuration from static method Run configuration from static method. For more information, see Using Run Configurations
Surround items Surround items. When this action is enabled, surround actions and surround templates appear in the action list.

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Last modified: 21 September 2015