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Exploring Hierarchy of References

This feature helps you explore hierarchy of references for any assembly and track down all assembly dependencies. Recursive dependencies are detected and marked with a glyph to the right of a reference entry.

To view reference hierarchy for an assembly

  1. Select an assembly in the Assembly Explorer.
  2. Right-click and choose References Hierarchy in the context menu.
  3. In a new tab of the Hierarchy window that appears, you can explore the hierarchy or assembly references:
    Hierarchy of assembly references
  4. To switch the hierarchy between referenced assemblies and currently loaded assemblies that reference the selected assembly, use the corresponding toolbar buttons ( Referenced Projects Reference__Windows__Type_Hierarchy_Window__Class_Hierarchy/ Referencing Projects Reference__Windows__Type_Hierarchy_Window__Subtypes_Hierarchy)
  5. You can further explore each assembly in the hierarchy:

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Last modified: 21 September 2015