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View and Edit Related Source Code in Peek Definition View

ReSharper: Choosing a navigation action for Peek Definition view

Peek usages

As an alternative to finding usages and studying them in the dedicated window (Find Usages Alt+F7) or to navigating to the desired usage (Usages of Symbol Control+Alt+F7), you can list all usages in the Peek Definition view, and then view or even edit any of the usages, which you can select in the right part of the view.

ReSharper. Studying symbol usages in the Peek Definition view

To do so, by default you can Ctrl-click the declaration or any usage with the middle mouse button. If you want to disable this, clear the Use Ctrl+Middle Button Click Peek Usages checkbox on the Environment | Search & Navigation page of ReSharper options (Alt+R, O). Or you can always invoke this command from the main menu: ReSharper | Navigate | Peek | Peek Usages.

Peek base symbols

Alternatively to listing all base symbols in the dedicated window (Base Symbols Control+U), you can study base symbols in the Peek Definition view by pressing Shift+Alt+Q or choosing ReSharper | Navigate | Peek | Peek Base Symbols from the main menu:

ReSharper. Studying base symbols in the Peek Definition view

Peek implementations

Instead of viewing end implementations of the current symbol in the dedicated window (Base Symbols Control+Shift+Alt+B), you can press Control+Alt+Q or choose ReSharper | Navigate | Peek | Peek Implementation from the main menu to study the implementations in the Peek Definition view:

ReSharper. Studying implementations of the symbol in the Peek Definition view
Last modified: 18 July 2020