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Code Inspection: Redundant comma in switch expression

Switch expressions introduced in C# 8.0 allow adding a trailing comma after the last switch item.

Currently, ReSharper suggests removing optional trailing commas for the sake of conciseness, and this behavior is not configurable. We are going to introduce a configurable code syntax style for trailing commas in the coming versions — here is the tracking issue.

If you prefer having trailing commas in switch expressions, just disable this inspection: press Alt+Enter and choose Inspection: "Redundant comma in switch expression" | Configure inspection severity | Do not show.

enum MyColor { Red, Green, Blue } string GetColor(MyColor color) => color switch { MyColor.Red => "Red", MyColor.Green => "Green", MyColor.Blue => "Blue", // trailing comma after the last expression is optional _ => "Unknown", };
Last modified: 24 February 2020