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Build & Run window

ReSharper | Windows | Build & Run

This window serves you for two purposes:

ReSharper: Solution builder window
ThemedIcon SolBuilderDuoBuild Screen Gray pngBuild Builds the current solution or allows you to choose another build actions: Rebuild or Clean
Run configuration selector Shows the active run configuration, allows switching between configurations and add new ones. For more information, see Run Configurations.
ThemedIcon RunTest Screen Gray pngRun Runs the active run configuration.
ThemedIcon RunNoBuild Screen Gray pngRun without Building Runs the active run configuration without building the solution.
ThemedIcon RunDebug Screen Gray pngDebug Starts debugging of the active configuration.
ThemedIcon RunDebugNoBuild Screen Gray pngDebug without Building Starts debugging of the active configuration without building.
ThemedIcon NuGet Screen Gray pngRestore NuGet packages This button lets you restore NuGet packages for the current solution using ReSharper's own implementation of NuGet restorer.
Automatic restore of NuGet packages is also enabled by default before each build. If necessary, you can disable it by clearing the Restore NuGet packages before build checkbox on the Tools | Build | General page of ReSharper options.
ThemedIcon UtrProfile Screen Gray pngStart profiling With this drop-down button, you can start profiling of the selected run configuration with JetBrains dotTrace in a desired profiling mode.
ThemedIcon Settings Screen Gray pngSettings Allows you to switch between ReSharper Builder and Visual Studio Builder, and open the Tools | ReSharper Build | General page of ReSharper options.
Last modified: 08 May 2020