ReSharper 2024.1 Help

Visual Studio Commands

ReSharper options: Environment | Keyboard | Visual Studio Commands

Override Visual Studio refactorings

Hides Visual Studio refactoring commands from the Edit menu and from context menus. Also, when you invoke a Visual Studio refactoring with a shortcut, the corresponding ReSharper refactoring will be used.

Note that some keyboard shortcuts in the Visual Studio scheme override Visual Studio's native refactoring shortcuts independently of this option.

Simplify Visual Studio menus

Hides Visual Studio native menu items that are overridden by ReSharper functionality, for example, Visual Studio's Organize Usings menu.

The table on the page lists all overridden Visual Studio commands and their shortcuts. You can clear checkboxes to disable specific overrides where you want to use Visual Studio's native commands. Note that ReSharper commands will still be available via the ReSharper menu.

Last modified: 11 February 2024