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Type Import

ReSharper options: Code Editing | Type Import

Import features

Show the 'Import missing references' popup in editor

If this option is selected, a popup that suggests importing namespaces in C# and VB.NET shows up if one or more non-imported types are detected in the file:

Namespace import quick-fix

If the checkbox is not selected, the corresponding action will be available in the action list when you press Alt+Enter.

Show import items in basic completion

When this checkbox is selected, completion items suggested by the Import Symbol Completion will automatically appear in completion lists of automatic completion and basic completion.


Exclude the following types/members from import features

Use this list to specify namespaces, types, and members that should be excluded from import namespace suggestions and code completion suggestions.

Enforce full type name qualification when importing the following types

Use this list to specify types that should be referenced with fully-qualified names rather than imported with using/import directives.

These preferences will be applied when you import missing namespaces, run code cleanup with the Optimize 'using' directives task, and accept suggestions of the import symbol completion.

The format of the entries is Fully.Qualified.Name, Fully.Qualified.Name.Prefix*, or *Fully.Qualified.Name.Suffix. Generic types are specified as List`1.

Last modified: 11 February 2024