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Code Generation

ReSharper options: Code Editing | C++ | Code Generation

On this page, you can adjust the way code generation works in C++.

Bodies of generated functions

Default function body

Specify whether the generated functions should have an empty body, return a default value, throw an std::logic_error, or include uncompilable code.

Body of empty constructors and destructors

Specify whether the generated constructors and destructors should have defaulted bodies, empty bodies, or be without bodies.

Call the overridden function from the body of an overriding function

Use this setting to automatically call the base function. In the Unreal Engine project, ReSharper will call the overridden function from the generated body of an overriding function using the idiomatic Super type alias.

Generate default operator implementation

This setting allows you to generate idiomatic bodies of operator functions that are usually implemented in terms of the associated operator.

Other options

Declare converting constructors 'explicit'

With this checkbox selected, when you generate code from usage, converting constructors will be declared explicit.

Last modified: 29 February 2024