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Code Style

ReSharper | Options | Code Editing | Razor | Syntax Style

Preferences configurable on this page help you enforce code syntax style— how to use interchangeable language syntax constructions. These preferences are taken into account when ReSharper produces new code with code completion and code generation features, applies code templates and performs refactorings. They can also be applied to the existing code by using code cleanup with the corresponding settings.

Override brace style for C# to always use "At end of line (K & R Style)" If this checkbox is selected, ReSharper will always use Kernighan & Ritchie style brace layout in markup pages regardless of whatever style you’re using in code-behind.
Always remove 'this' qualifier (override the corresponding C# setting) If this checkbox is selected, ReSharper will always remove this qualifier from members when reformatting your code. Otherwise, this qualifier is treated according to the settings configured on the Code Editing | C# | Syntax Style page of ReSharper options (Alt+R O).
Use fully qualified names for @inherits and @model directives If this checkbox is selected, ReSharper uses fully qualified type names for @inherits and @model directives. For example:
@model MyMvcApplication.Models.LocalPasswordModel
If it is cleared, ReSharper uses non-qualified type names for these directive and adds the necessary @using directives for these types. For example:
@using MyMvcApplication.Models @model LocalPasswordModel
Last modified: 21 September 2020