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Code Style

ReSharper options: Code Editing | Razor | Code Style

Override brace style for C# to always use "At end of line (K & R Style)"

If this checkbox is selected, ReSharper will always use Kernighan & Ritchie style brace layout in markup pages regardless of whatever style you’re using in code-behind.

Always remove 'this' qualifier (override the corresponding C# setting)

If this checkbox is selected, ReSharper will always remove this qualifier from members when reformatting your code. Otherwise, this qualifier is treated according to the settings configured on the Code Editing | C# | Syntax Style page of ReSharper options .

Use fully qualified names for @inherits and @model directives

If this checkbox is selected, ReSharper uses fully qualified type names for @inherits and @model directives. For example:

@model MyMvcApplication.Models.LocalPasswordModel

If it is cleared, ReSharper uses non-qualified type names for these directive and adds the necessary @using directives for these types. For example:

@using MyMvcApplication.Models @model LocalPasswordModel
Last modified: 11 February 2024