ReSharper 2024.1 Help

Context actions for XML

ReSharper provides the following context actions for XML:



Add module qualification

Adds or updates module qualification for the type reference

Collapse empty tag

Converts opening and closing tags without child elements into empty tag

Convert attribute to nested element

Converts tag attribute to nested element

Convert CData to text

Replaces continuous 'CData' elements with their escaped content

Convert tag to attribute

Converts nested tag to an attribute of enclosing tag

Convert text to CData

Surrounds text with 'CData' element, removes escaping from text if necessary

Expand empty tag

Replaces empty tag with opening and closing tags

Remove all tags with specified name and promote their children

Removes all the tags with specified name but keeps its children intact

Remove tag and promote its children

Removes the tag but keeps its children intact

Remove tag attribute

Removes the attribute from tag

Replace all attributes

Replaces a specific attribute that appears in the same tags within the current file

Replace all tags

Replaces all tags with the same name in the file with a different tag

Replace tag

Replace tag with different tag

Last modified: 11 February 2024