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On this page of ReSharper options you can enable and configure the ESLint linter so that ReSharper could use the linter rules to validate and fix TypeScript code in the editor.



Lets you enable ESLint validation. Once enabled, ReSharper will use the linter in the specified location and the linter settings in your solution to validate code in .js files as well as in JavaScript code inside .html and .aspx files .

Choose ESLint package location

If ESLint package is installed on your machine and used in your project, ReSharper will find it automatically in most cases. If it is not found, you can specify its location manually. In any case, ReSharper will show whether the linter package is found or not.


Choose a way of ESLint configuration

In most cases, ReSharper will automatically find ESLint configuration files in their typical locations. If necessary, you can specify the configuration file manually.


Additional ESLint options

Use this field to pass any additional command-line options separated with space.

Note that some options, which affect how the linter is executed cannot be applied. For example, --fix will be ignored because ReSharper provides its own way to apply the linter fixes.

Last modified: 11 February 2024