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Review dependencies between projects

With ReSharper, finding dependencies between different projects in a solution is easy. To find which code depends on a particular module, right-click a referenced project or assembly in the Solution Explorer and choose Find Dependent Code (all projects) from the menu:

ReSharper helps find code dependent on a project or a referenced assembly

This will show you a tree containing projects, individual files, and lines within those files that reference the module.

ReSharper: Review dependencies between projects

You can also study dependencies in the opposite direction — find code that is referenced in a specific project — select a project in the Solution Explorer and choose ReSharper | Find | Referenced Code from the menu. This will list all usages that reference other projects and assemblies:

ReSharper: Review dependencies between projects

As you can see, this also lets you drill down into referenced code that you are using.

If there are a lot of projects in your solution, a visual project dependency diagram could be most helpful. To display it, choose Show Project Dependency Diagram in the Solution Explorer context menu:

ReSharper: Project Architecture View
Last modified: 11 February 2024