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C++ Formatting Engine

Use these radio buttons to choose which formatting engine should be used when ReSharper formats and reformats your C++ code.

  • ReSharper formatter — Use this option if you prefer the default set of ReSharper C++ formatting preferences or if you have configured formatting styles previously and saved it in layer-based settings (*.DotSettings).

    This option also enables code inspections that detect and highlight violations of formatting rules right in the editor.

    If you have some formatting styles configured in Clang-Format files, you can select Read code style from .clang-format files to apply most of these styles too. Note that settings from .clang-format files will override settings from *.DotSettings if there are any conflicts.

  • Clang-format — Use this option if you prefer the default LLVM-style formatting and want to format and reformats your code with the specified version of the clang-format code formatter.

Write current style to .clang-format

Click this button to export code styles from ReSharper settings to a .clang-format file.

Last modified: 11 February 2024