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C# Type Conversion Hints

ReSharper options: Environment | Inlay Hints | C# | Type Conversion Hints

Use this settings page to configure type conversion hints in C#.

Show type conversion hints as icons

When this checkbox is enabled, you will see special icons for implicit conversions. Otherwise, you will see a hint with the name of the resulting type of the conversion.

Hide for system type conversions

When this checkbox is selected, you will see hints for all implicit type conversions. Otherwise, you will only see hints for type conversions defined in your solution and in third-party assemblies that it uses.


Use the selector to choose how inlay hints for type conversions should be displayed in the editor: choose Default to apply the general visibility preference from the Environment | Inlay Hints | General page of ReSharper options , choose Show Always or Never Show to always show or hide hints, or choose Push-to-Hint to hide the hints by default but show them when you press and hold Ctrl.

No type conversion hints will be shown for operators...

Use this field to maintain a list of type conversions patterns, for which ReSharper should not display inlay hints. Patterns should look like 'ReturnType(ParameterType)' with full CLR names of types. Patterns may also include the * wildcard to match any sequence of characters. For example, Vector2D(Vector3D).

Last modified: 11 February 2024