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ReSharper options: Tools | ReSpeller

Use this page to configure ReSpeller — the ReSharper's spell-checking engine. ReSpeller will look for spelling mistakes in identifiers, comments, and string literals. When it detects a potential spelling mistake or a typo, it will let you know in the same way as other code issues — in design time or when you run code inspection in specific scope.


Use options in this section to toggle spell-checking altogether or in specific cases.

Visibility options

Select which kinds of members should be spell-checked.

Installed dictionaries

ReSharper comes with a built-in dictionary for English (United States), but it allows you to install and use Hunspell/MySpell dictionaries for other languages. A lot of dictionaries can be found on

You can click Add and pick a Hunspell dictionary file .dic. Note that you also need to have the affix file of the dictionary (named the same as the dictionary file but with the .aff extension) next to the dictionary file.

User words

A newline-separated list of words to be ignored by the spell-checker. Note that the spell-checker is sensitive to case.

Last modified: 29 December 2021