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Unity Engine settings


Show gutter icons for implicit script usages

Use this option to choose when to show the Unity gutter icon for classes, methods, and fields that are implicitly used by Unity:

ReSharper: Special markers for Unity symbols

Enable performance analysis in frequently called code

When this option is enabled, ReSharper shows you performance sensitive areas: event functions that are called each frame, such as Update, FixedUpdate and LateUpdate, as well as coroutine methods. Inside these frequently called methods, performance indicators will also draw your attention to known expensive operations, like calls to GetComponent, Find or SendMessage, with context actions to move the initialization to Start or Awake.

Highlight performance critical contexts:

Unity has a number of methods that get called very frequently. These methods are treated as a performance-critical context and can be highlighted in the editor gutter. You can choose to highlight all such areas or only the current method to reduce the visual noise.

ReSharper: Unity performance critical area

Show gutter icons for frequently called methods

When this option is enabled, you will see the following gutter indicators next to frequently called methods:

ReSharper: Unity performance indicators

Enable analysis for Burst compiler issues

Show gutter icons for Burst compiled called methods


Exclude DOTS-generated code from navigation results


Ask whether to add 'FormerlySerializedAs' when renaming serialized fields

Add 'FormerlySerializedAs' when renaming serialized fields

Text Based Assets

Parse text-based asset files for script and event handler usages

Cache prefab data to improve Find Usages performance

Automatically disable asset indexing for large solutions


Suppress resolve errors of unqualified names

Last modified: 11 February 2024