ReSharper Devguide Help

Getting Help

Problems with the guide

If you're having problems with the guide itself, such as missing, incorrect or confusing content, please raise an issue on GitHub. If the problem is easily solved, why not submit a Pull Request?

If you just want to share feedback on the guide, again, raise an issue, even if it's for a discussion, ideas on improvements or suggestions.

Please don't use GitHub issues for support requests. Instead, please use one of the methods below.

Problems with code - support issues

For problems related to code, rather than the content of the guide, you have several options:

  • Google Groups - post a message to the resharper-plugins Google Group. This is monitored and moderated by JetBrains, and allows for community involvement and spreading knowledge. You can also subscribe to the group to get (low traffic) emails when the group is active.

  • Email support - you can also email JetBrains directly, either at or, although we would prefer to use the Google Group, if possible, as the answers can be shared with the community.

  • StackOverflow - we monitor the resharper, resharper-plugins and resharper-sdk tags on StackOverflow, so you can ask questions about extending the ReSharper Platform on StackOverflow. Make sure to tag the question, or it won't get seen!

Of course, all issues will be used to try and improve this guide.

Last modified: 15 January 2021