ReSharper Platform SDK Help

How To

This How To is a brief introduction into ReSharper plugin development. This is a set of examples each of those answers a particular question, like, "how can I register an action?" or "how can I navigate to a class?" We intentionally use the question-answer "stackoverflow" style, so you could quickly get an answer without going into details.

The examples are very basic and do not provide any extended information about the SDK. For more details, you should refer to other chapters of this guide. In addition, it is always worth to take a look at how a particular feature is implemented in ReSharper. For this purpose, you can decompile ReSharper using dotPeek and use it as a big "reference".

DISCLAIMER! Please note that all examples of this How To are written for ReSharper 2017.1. This means that if your ReSharper version differs from 2017.1, they might not work (ReSharper plugins are NOT backward-compatible!)

Sample solution

Note that almost each section in this chapter is preceded with a list of Examples. The list contains links to the examples code on github. All examples are a part of the sample ReSharper plugin. Use this plugin as a reference to this How To.

Last modified: 04 July 2023