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InspectCode Plugins

This page contains documentation on developing plugins for InspectCode, part of ReSharper Command Line Tools.

InspectCode does not currently have a standalone SDK, however, it is compatible with ReSharper extensions, and will load them at runtime, if you pass the ID of the extension to the /extension command line argument (multiple arguments are accepted).

When implementing a plugin that you wish to use with InspectCode, care must be taken not to rely on any components or interfaces that rely on Visual Studio integration - InspectCode runs as a standalone command line application, outside of Visual Studio. Any components you create in the extension that requires a Visual Studio component should pass the ProgramConfigurations.VS_ADDIN argument to ShellComponentAttribute or SolutionComponentAttribute.

If you wish to create an extension that only targets InspectCode, the extension package should take a dependency on "InspectCode", rather than "ReSharper". In this way, InspectCode will load the extension, but ReSharper won't.

Currently, the only extension point for InspectCode that isn't part of ReSharper is to create a custom Issue logger.

  • Create a standard ReSharper plugin, using the NuGet packages (target .NET 4.0)

  • Add additional reference to JetBrains.CommandLine.InspectCode.Unattended.dll library from CLT distribution.

  • Implement your own logic for IInspectCodeConsumer

    public class IssueLogger : IInspectCodeConsumer { void IDisposable.Dispose() { } public void Consume(IIssue issue) { Console.WriteLine("{0}({1}) {2}", issue.File, issue.Range, issue.Message); } }
  • Implement IInspectCodeConsumerFactory factory to return a new instance of your consumer

    [SolutionComponent] public class IssueLoggerFactory : IInspectCodeConsumerFactory { public IInspectCodeConsumer CreateConsumer(IEnumerable<IProjectModelElement> inspectScope, FileSystemPath outputFile = null) { return new IssueLogger(); } }
  • Start InspectCode with following parameters

    inspectcode ... /Plugin=path-to-custom-logger-dll

Last modified: 04 July 2023