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Testing language registration is fairly quick and easy. It's mostly checking that the Component Model has loaded the types correctly. This means the tests need to derive from BaseTest, so that the environment and Component Model has been initialised, but a solution hasn't been created.

Testing the IProjectFileLanguageService and PSI LanguageService implementations is not so straightforward. It's better to test them indirectly, by testing other functionality such as lexing, parsing, and so on.

Testing project file type definition

To test if a project file type has been registered correctly, you can query the file type from IProjectFileTypes, or check that the INSTANCE field has been set to a non-null value.

If IProjectFileLanguageService has been implemented, you can also check that IProjectFileExtensions returns the correct project file type for a given file extension.

It's also useful to include a test marked [Explicit], that doesn't normally run, and will dump all of the known project file types for debugging purposes.

[TestFixture] public class MyProjectFileTypeTests : BaseTest { [Test] public void ProjectFileTypeIsRegistered() { // This line ensures that if this is the first test, there is at least one // reference to the assembly under test. If there are no references, the // Component Model doesn't know to use the assembly under test. The // reference to MyProjectFileType.Name doesn't count, as it's a const. Assert.NotNull(MyProjectFileType.Instance); var projectFileTypes = Shell.Instance.GetComponent<IProjectFileTypes>(); Assert.NotNull(projectFileTypes.GetFileType(MyProjectFileType.Name)); } [Test] public void ProjectFileTypeFromExtension() { // This requires IProjectFileTypeLanguageService to be implemented, otherwise // ReSharper returns UnknownProjectFileType.INSTANCE var projectFileExtensions = Shell.Instance.GetComponent<IProjectFileExtensions>(); Assert.AreSame(MyProjectFileType.Instance, projectFileExtensions.GetFileType(MyProjectFileType.MY_EXTENSION)); } [Test, Explicit] public void DumpProjectFileTypes() { var projectFileTypes = Shell.Instance.GetComponent<IProjectFileTypes>(); foreach (var projectFileType in projectFileTypes.All) { Console.WriteLine(projectFileType.PresentableName); } } }

Testing the PSI language service registration

To test the PSI language service, simply check the language's Instance static field is not null, and check that ReSharper's Languages class can retrieve the language by name.

Again, it's useful to have a test marked [Explicit] that will print all of the registered languages names for debugging.

[TestFixture] public class MyLanguageTests : BaseTest { [Test] public void LanguageIsRegistered() { Assert.NotNull(MyLanguage.Instance); Assert.NotNull(Languages.Instance.GetLanguageByName(MyLanguage.Name)); } [Test, Explicit] public void DumpLanguages() { foreach (var languageType in Languages.Instance.All) { Console.WriteLine(languageType.PresentableName); } } }
Last modified: 04 July 2023