ReSharper Platform SDK Help

Required Tools

You need the following tools in order to build ReSharper extensions:

  • Visual Studio and ReSharper, naturally.

  • NuGet.exe. ReSharper extensions are NuGet packages, so you'll need nuget.exe in order to create the packages from a .nuspec file.

If you wish to build a compiled extension (plugin), you will also need:

  • A "checked build" of ReSharper. This is a build of ReSharper that is identical to the production version, except it is compiled with extra diagnostics enabled. The code contains asserts that verify assumptions during development of the product, and are not needed during day-to-day usage, but are very useful when developing extensions. Also, a checked build also includes more contextual data when an exception is thrown, by storing information in the Exception.Data dictionary. A checked build can be downloaded from here.

  • ReSharper SDK nuget packages for assembly references and testing. These packages contain the assembly references for your project, as well as testing infrastructure and msbuild tasks for icon creation, new language development and more. More details in the NuGet References section.

Optional Tools

  • When running in Internal Mode, some diagnostic features can create graphs and diagrams, and will start the yEd graphing application to view them.

  • When running tests that compare a generated output file against an expected "gold" file, any differences can be displayed in kdiff3.

Last modified: 07 June 2022