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22 September 2017

PSI = program structure INTERFACE (view diff)

29 August 2017

Add 2017.2 to wave version list. (view diff)

25 August 2017

Add info on HTML like languages (view diff)

10 August 2017

Add not that CsLex states are not optional (view diff)

12 July 2017

Fix links to sample solution details (view diff)

Add C# syntax highlighting (view diff)

Add titles to all files (view diff)

add How To section (view diff)

10 July 2017

Added page titles for next/previous navigation (view diff)

9 June 2017

Fix formatting of list (view diff)

3 April 2017

More ReSharper/Wave versions specified (view diff)

14 December 2016

Fix formatting again (view diff)

Fix up formatting (view diff)

21 November 2016

Document suppressing highlights (view diff)

Update target framework requirements to .NET 4.5 (view diff)
Fixes #58

27 September 2016

Add IsReferencingAssembly (view diff)

Add documentation for .NET Core tests (view diff)

11 September 2016

Fixed some typos (view diff)

29 August 2016

Updating version information (view diff)

6 July 2016

Fix TestEnvironmentAssembly class code (view diff)

26 March 2016

Added language to code block (view diff)

25 March 2016

Updated sdkdocs-template (view diff)
Updated to JetBrains/sdkdocs-template@ad3aff6be4b2e56f2c9956b80d8bab643c2a34c4

21 March 2016

Add troubleshooting for updating NuGet packages (view diff)

Initial docs on parsing (view diff)

14 March 2016

Fix link to checked build page (view diff)

2 February 2016

The Tao of writing lexers (view diff)

1 February 2016

NodeTypeSet and LexerDictionary documented (view diff)

28 January 2016

Update (view diff)

Last modified: 22 September 2017