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Welcome to the developer guide for the ReSharper Platform. This is the primary source of documentation for developing extensions for the ReSharper Platform that ships as part of ReSharper.

To view the guide, please visit:

Getting Started

Open Source

This guide is Open Source, licensed under Apache 2.0. The source (as Markdown) is hosted on GitHub. Please feel free to raise issues or create pull requests to address incorrect or missing content. Please see the CONTRIBUTING page for details on how to build locally.

The guide is very much a work in progress (the ReSharper Platform has a very large feature set and API surface), and is by no means a complete reference of the API. The table of contents provides a non-exhaustive list of available features, and shows missing content by greying out the page. Issues are a great way of prioritising what documentation needs to be addressed first. Please let us know what we should focus on!

Previous versions

This guide intends to target the current version of ReSharper, and does not maintain documentation for working with previous versions of the ReSharper Platform. However, large parts of the architecture and implementation are very stable, and the documentation may also apply to previous versions.

Last modified: 15 January 2021