ReSharper Platform SDK Help

Plugin Types

Products based on the ReSharper Platform can be modified and adjusted for custom purposes by adding plugins. All downloadable plugins are available from the JetBrains Marketplace.

The most common types of plugins include:

  • Library support

  • Tool integration

  • Inspections and quick-fixes

  • Context Actions

Library Support

Library support provides improved code insights, which usually cannot be expressed through the compiler and its type-system, that includes:

  • Code completion

  • Code inspections and quick-fixes

  • Reference providers

Tool Integration

Tool integration makes it possible to manipulate third-party tools and components directly from the IDE without switching contexts, that implies:

  • Implementation of additional actions

  • Related UI components

  • Access to external resources

Custom Language Support

Custom language support provides basic functionality for working with a particular programming language, that includes:

  • File type recognition

  • Lexical analysis

  • Syntax highlighting

  • Formatting

  • Code completion

  • Code inspections and quick-fixes

  • Context Actions

  • Navigation

Plugins can also augment existing (bundled) custom languages, e.g., by providing additional inspections, quick-fixes, or any other features.

Last modified: 04 July 2023