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Automatic completion

Rider's automatic completion suggests names of classes, methods, variables, keywords, and any other symbols that are available within the current visibility scope including extension methods that were previously imported. Many other context-specific suggestions, like live templates, code generation suggestions, unit test categories are also available in the completion list. The list of suggestions is the same as that of Basic Completion.

The suggestion list of the automatic completion appears as soon as you start typing. As you type, the list narrows down to show only items that match what you have entered.

By default, automatic completion support CamelHumps, i.e. you can type the initial letters of a compound name parts and the name will appear in the list of suggestions.

Note that in most contexts, Rider tries to figure out which suggestion you will likely choose, and preselects it in the list. With the default settings, Rider inserts the selected item when you press Enter, Space or any non-alphanumeric character.

Examples of automatic completion

You can use the following examples to get an idea of how automatic completion works with various code items:

Suggesting type-based variable names

Commonly used names for fields and variables are suggested depending on their type. If you enter a variable name prefix, Rider will append it to each suggested name:

You can specify a prefix and/or a suffix for all new variable names on the Editor | Code Style | C# page of Rider settings (Ctrl+Alt+S). If you do that, completion items will be modified accordingly:

Suggesting members of a class


Suggesting visible types


Suggesting C# keywords


Suggesting 'this' keyword for static methods in static classes


Completion for enum members


Using CamelHumps in code completion


Completion for unresolved symbols

Early used names of data types and their members are suggested, even if they are not declared anywhere in the code and cannot be resolved.


Completion for argument names


Suggesting members of a dynamic type


Suggesting existing partial classes

When you type partial class, names of partial classes in the current scope are added to the suggestions list, thus helping you to quickly create new parts of existing partial classes.

Suggestions for existing partial classes in Rider code completion
Last modified: 11 October 2017