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Navigation and Search

Rider enables you to find your way through the source code using the declarations, members, method calls, inheritance hierarchy, errors, and so on as well as through IDE items like actions, settings, and tool windows.

The scope of navigation and search is not limited to files of your solution: if necessary, you can include types from referenced libraries in your navigation or search results. For more information, see Navigating to Compiled Code.

Depending on your task, different sets of Rider's navigation and search features may help you:

  • If you need to find anything in your solution or referenced libraries by name, study the commands in the Navigation by Name section.
  • If you need to go to any items related to the current code symbol, study the commands in the Navigation from Symbols section.
  • Rider also provides a general-purpose Navigate To shortcut that groups all navigation options available from the current caret position. To learn more about this shortcut, see Navigate To section.
  • If you want to find usages of a particular symbol in the current file, project, solution, or referenced libraries, study the commands in the Finding Usages section.
  • Depending on the current caret position in the editor, Rider can suggest a lot of relevant navigation options. To learn more about these options, see Context Navigation.

Besides, Rider provides other means of navigation:

  • For types and interfaces that are overridden and implemented elsewhere, for methods implementing, overriding or hiding other methods, Rider shows gutter icons that provide quick navigation up and down the inheritance hierarchy:

    For more information, see Go to Base Symbols and Go to Derived Symbols.
  • The Structure window that represents the structure of the current file retaining navigation features. For more information, see Viewing File Structure.
  • The TODO items that help you and your team mates organize your work in a convenient manner and easily retrieve positions in the source code that require attention.   For more information, see Using TODO Lists.

Shortcuts for navigation and search commands

Finding everything

Find... Ctrl+F
Find Next / Move to Next Occurrence F3
Find Previous / Move to Previous Occurrence Shift+F3
Replace... Ctrl+H
Find in Path... Ctrl+Shift+F
Find in Path... Ctrl+Shift+F
Find Word at Caret Ctrl+F3
Search Everywhere Ctrl+T
File... Ctrl+Shift+T
File Member Alt+\
Symbol... Ctrl+Shift+Alt+T

Navigating from symbols

Declaration F12
Type Declaration Ctrl+Shift+F11
Show Usages Shift+Alt+F12
Base Symbols Alt+Home
Go To Implementation Ctrl+F12
Derived Symbols Alt+End
Navigate To… Alt+'
Find Usages Shift+F12
Highlight Usages in File Shift+Alt+F11

Context navigation

Move Caret to Code Block Start Ctrl+[
Next Method Alt+Down
Previous Method Alt+Up
Line/Column... Ctrl+G
Select In... Alt+F1
Locate in Solution Explorer Shift+Alt+L
Recent Files Ctrl+,
Recently Changed Files Ctrl+Shift+,
Last Edit Location Ctrl+Shift+Backspace
Back Ctrl+Minus
Forward Ctrl+Shift+Minus
Add to Favorites Shift+Alt+F
Show Structure window Ctrl+Alt+7
Show Find window Alt+3
Show TODO window Alt+6
Show Favorites window Alt+2
Last modified: 11 October 2017

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