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On this page of Rider settings, you can configure various aspects of code style in XAML. Code style preferences are grouped in the following tabs:


On this tab, you can configure symbol naming rules for XAML.

Rider helps you define, control, and apply naming style for symbols in your code. Naming style is implemented as a set of rules, each of which targets specific identifiers with the set of constraints (e.g. a rule can target static private readonly fields). Each rule can have one or more associated styles that define suffixes, prefixes, capitalization of compound words, etc.

These rules are taken into account when Rider suggests symbol names in code completion, generates new members, applies code templates and performs refactorings. Rider also helps you detect and fix violations of naming rules. If necessary, the automatic checkup of naming rules can be configured or disabled.

Formatting Style

This tab helps you configure a number of settings that control how Rider generates new XAML code and how it reformats existing code. You can adjust the values and check the preview pane at the bottom of the page to see how your preferences affect the code.

The options that you configure on this tab apply in the following cases:

Last modified: 11 October 2017